Monday, January 5, 2009

I made it!

So I made it to Oaxaca after a day of flying having flight attendants talk to me in Spanish even though I didn't understand them. My family picked me up from the airport in their Jeep, where we put all my luggage on top of their car. It was heavy but I got it up there.

Some first thoughts:
1. People here drive like maniacs, crossing the street is like a game and a death sentence all in one
2. The women are very subordinate and the men never enter the kitchen. The women clean, cook, and take care of the kids all day. Clearing your plate here is offensive to the mom. If only my house was like that...
3. The air is very polluted, and it gets pretty hazy
4. Their temperature scale is on a completely different level. The first morning here my host father told me he had to go warm up the car (it was probably 75 degrees out)
5. The food is nothing like taco bell...or even the authentic mexican restaurants we eat at at home

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