Monday, January 12, 2009

Hierve de Agua

On Saturday we took a trip in a van we rented up to Hierve de Agua. Translated literally into English it means boiling of the water. It got its name not from the water being warm, but the water coming up from an underground spring (see the pictures) and it looked as if it was boiling. The water was probably about 65/70 degrees, but it was only about 75 out when we were there (cold to the Oaxqueños). We did go swimming though. The water has iron and salt in it which makes these pools and gives the edges a reddish tint. In the time of Mesoamerica, people tried to plant and use the water, but it was unuseful due to the minerals within it. It does however, create a great tourist location. We had my mini ipod speakers and just hung out, since no one else was there because it is "winter" here.

Since I've heard a lot about how bad the winter in Chicago has been so far, I've been trying to explain to my family how the weather here is not cold. It gets down into the 50s at night which is great sleeping weather, but during the day it gets up into the 80s and 90s. I walked downstairs the other morning, and according to the thermometer on my travel alarm clock, the temperature in the house was about 64, and she was cooking breakfast with a down jacket, scarf and mittens on. They are definitely accustomed to a different climate.

The pictures from the trip are posted here:

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