Thursday, February 12, 2009

Running/Mexican Drivers

Running here is an adventure. In Mexico there are no rules about pedestrians, and cars can basically do whatever they want, if that means run you over, then they will. Running here has been really nice because in the mornings it is 70 degrees, but it is very dangerous. When crossing a street, even if its one way you have to look the other direction because you never know who is coming. It is also a little tricky running in some places due to the cobblestone roads, and the huge hill that I have to run up to get home. The other hazard are other people. Its like no one here has ever seen some exercise before. Many times I have to stop and walk out in the road (where I then might get hit) because people won't move. Its sort of a every man for himself out there.

On the subject of cars, Mexican drivers are pretty ridiculous, they honk a lot, and are generally bad drivers (no blinkers, drive way to fast in places they shouldn't, cut people off, run read lights, go the wrong way down one way streets, etc.) They also honk a lot. Many times its at girls, other times its at other cars, and my favorite is at inanimate objects such as construction sites, because if you honk enough the huge hole in the middle of the road will fill itself up so they can get through. Its also a chain reaction, once one person starts honking at the hole in the middle of the road, everyone else does too--the more honking the better. A couple days a go I had my favorite Mexican driving experience. I walk home from school on a 2 way road that has a lane for people to parallel park. There was a lane of cars parked, and 2 large 18 wheelers that were delivering Coronas, leaving one lane open for people to go both ways. Two cars approached going different directions, and both advanced into this one lane section. When the reached the middle and could not move because there was no space, they began to honk at each other. More cars followed suit so there was a huge gridlock because no one could go anywhere. It was just a big honkfest.

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