Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Beach

We went to the beach in Hualtulco last weekend. Its not too far from Oaxaca mileage wise, but you have to go over mountains. We left at 11:00 at night and got in around 5:30 in the morning. It is a really windy ride, but I was able to fall asleep. The bus gets its nickname, The Vomit Comet, because of its fast speed around these mountains and switchbacks. We got to the beach and went to our hotel and slept until 10. After that we walked to the beach, like a block from the hotel. It was a nice day about 90 degrees. The beach is line with restaurants and all the store owners are very agressive about getting you to come sit at their restaurant. They all think that by talking to you in English you are more likely to sit down in their restaurant. Most of the people only know the words of what they sell in English. Later that day Tamara and I went Jet Skiing which was a ton of fun--once you got out of the bay, the waves got big so it was totally worth it.
We went back to the beach on Sunday and went on the Banana Boat which is a long inflatable banana shapped thing you sit on, and the motor boat pulls you along quickly. They also flip you over into the ocean which is pretty fun. We left on Saturday night at 11:15 and got back to Oaxaca at 5:00 am. It was tough doing the over night busses but it was totally worth it.

Here are some pictures:

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